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With four young children in tow, Sarah & Gary bought the

Impact Catering bakery in March 1997 and soon became

 known amongst the business community in the North  West for their imaginative take on the business lunch. 


Although juggling the competing demands of four small children, running a young business and renovating a new house wasn't easy, we had the passion of youth on our side coupled with seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm and the business continued to flourish. 




Our eldest son Will joined the business in 2006, shortly followed by our youngest son Joe and, later, our daughter Sophie and nephew Jude, with this core team continuing to run the business to this day!





In the early 1980s a bright young Manchester University Biochemistry graduate opened a small craft bakery in Pendlebury, producing a range of artisan breads and patisserie products using high quality, locally-sourced ingredients. The business flourished and an entrepreneurial spirit encouraged him to open his first Bistro in the village of Monton where Sarah & Gary came to work - Gary heading up the Kitchen with Sarah front of house. Within 10 years the business had become quite a thriving community, encompassing the bakery, three restaurants and a deli.





Within a couple of years it was clear that we were rapidly outgrowing the small craft bakery and, after much searching, we managed to find the ideal site to set up shop, building a brand new state-of-the art kitchen from the ground up in a new city centre location (complete with it’s own flagpole)!





Whilst we still embrace the principles upon which the business was founded – believing passionately that good food can only ever be the product of quality ingredients – over the years we have expanded the range of menus  and services on offer. So whilst the same basic choices are still available (after all, a freshly baked sausage roll is still as tasty today) these are complemented by more contemporary options providing greater choice and variety and reflecting the diverse tastes of an increasingly food-conscious clientele.



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